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Triol is a market leader due to the development and implementation of innovative solutions and low cost manufacturing.  We focus on solving tough problems through collaboration with our customers and partners as a competitive advantage.  We eagerly support startups, research institutes with the Triol R&D team. Our solutions are a tandem focus of fundamental vision and individual approach!

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Our No. 1 goal is to build and develop long-term relationships with channel partners around the globe. Implementing Triol’s innovative solution to expands your business and increases your top-line is  the key to the relationship.  For success, we focus on transparency  and  honesty in every stage of the relationship.  Building trust though collaboration and delivering on commitments is our culture.

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Nikita Poturoev

Head of export sales department

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Magdalena Maria Jarocka

Key Account Manager

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Denis Burlutskyi

Technical Support Engineer

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