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Benefícios distintos

Wear-resistant solution

Low-viscous wellsIP43

The kinematic viscosity of the pumped fluid is 500 cSt (when working with fluid viscosity of 500 cSt and more, the flow rate decreases).


Surface equipment performed in IP43 enclosure, to protect units from harsh environmental conditions (rain, snow, dust, heat, frost).

Sobre o produto

Ideal solution for low flow rate wells

Linear Electric Submersible Pump Triol EP01 line BS is a reliable and profitable solution for increasing fluid production and volume of oil in the fluid from low flow rate wells with low chemical activity.


Option Description
Transformer EP01-250×3 External
Shroud EP01 LPMM
Adapter EUE Rd×60 PP
Triol Test unit TM01 External
Router GPRS MT01 VSD
Antenna GSM AN-03 SMA VSD
Antenna GSM 16dBi VSD
A half year fee for use the ITA server Server ITA
User Account Creation Service Server ITA
Remote monitoring service WW External
Installation supervision EP01 External
Service Commissioning EP01 External
Service Diagnostics EP01 External